9 athletes and coaches come out publicly, supported by Clemson. ‘I’ve never experienced anything like this,’ says one.
Tylar Bennett is one of nine LGBTQ athletes, coaches and staff at Clemson to come out publicly in a campaign by the Tigers athletic department.
 Photo by David Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Clemson Tigers athletics wants to make sure LGBTQ athletes and coaches know they are supported at Clemson.

That’s the message of a visibility and support program the Clemson Tigers athletic department shared in October of this year: My Story Matters. Outsports has just recently been made aware of the inspiring program.

In the initiative, various Clemson athletes, coaches and staff — most of whom are LGBTQ — share their life and athletic experiences and express feelings of support they’ve received from the school and its athletic department.

“I’ve been a coach for 22 years — at eight different institutions — and I’ve NEVER experienced anything like this,” women’s basketball assistant coach Shimmy Gray-Miller wrote to Outsports. Gray-Miller has worked at schools in each of the Power Five conferences, including the…..Continue Reading