Self-proclaimed “butchest of all queens,” dancer and performer Savion Ashford, a.k.a. Savion Garcon of the House of Garcon, shined on HBO Max’s Legendary. In 2020, Ashford made it onto the second season of the ballroom competition show along with his fellow house members. The team ended up the underdogs of the season, making it to the semi-finals. Ashford made news again the following year when he spoke out about living with HIV, exactly 14 years after first being diagnosed. Ashford, a barber and makeup artist in Atlanta, said on Twitter that he’s “living happily and healthy with HIV,” and recently spoke to Plus about his announcement, the ball scene, and what’s next.

What reaction did you receive after talking about living with HIV?

Before making my status public, I told a friend I thought it was time and he expressed how much it would help others, but I didn’t understand just how much [it would]. Once “it” was out, I received an overwhelming amount of positive support and love extending from family and friends as well as complete strangers. From people that were newly diagnosed and needed direction to receive care to people who’d been affected much longer than I have. However, I didn’t know how much any of it meant to me until my mom called, and before saying hello, said “Savion, my child, I am proud of you and happy for you.”

You’re from North Carolina and now live in Atlanta. Why do you think the South suffers from disproportionately high HIV numbers?

Being a North Carolinian, I’ve been able to see firsthand how damaged our communities are due to miseducation and the lack of re-educating! There are far too…….Continue Reading